Monday, August 26, 2013

Friday 8/23/13

First time over Skalkaho. I wonder if the pass is groomed all the way across in winter. Camped in Sand Basin with Adri, Dave and Robin. Awesome.


Gem Mountain and hike to Fuse lake with the same crew from camping Friday night. Searching for Gems is a blast! We were successful and found some beautiful Sapphires. 

After hiking, Adrienne and I drove to Pipestone to camp.


ATV land is not very inviting to folks used to quite and solitude while camping and climbing. Fun all the same. I led five crack routes 6,8,7,8,8. The last one was a bit of a sandbag in my opinion. I am improving with gear placements. The first four routes went flawlessly. The final 8, "Shoulder Crack" went OK. I was a little stressed and placed enough gear for 70 ft in 40.  The result was lack of fluid climbing. 

Adri climbed well as usual. Though perfect hands for me equals awkward and difficult for Adri.

While Climbing we met Kevin and Jenni of Butte. Kevin was an engineer for the power company and Jenni was a Ortho PA. They were very friendly. Considering the occupational and recreational coincidence I bet we cross paths again.

Weekend Summary

Another amazing weekend facilitated by the desire to do something new,  to learn new skills, and a diesel Jetta which consumed only $20 in fuel.  

Friday, August 23, 2013

Thursday August 22

Lost Horse-Climbing

Adrienne was rained out half way up Chocolate (5.8+) after I conducted a less than smooth lead.

I enjoyed the route, which can be described as a little dirty, a little loose, and lot of fun.

Sounds like a good party. Adrienne disagrees - must be getting old.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Adrienne and I have really done a lot this summer. I really should keep better track of it all. We had a conversation not long ago trying to recall all of our adventures this summer. What fun that was! 

Smokey Bitterroots 


Brown Dog Buttress


5.7 Rope Solo 8/21/13
"Tread Lightly Crack"

Time to go...

Monday, August 12, 2013

Brown Dog and Summer



Last turns for a while...

Snake gets dinner...

Last night at 6050...
Thanks Betsy and Luke for a great two years.
It's hard to describe how lucky we were.

One last Driveway to Town float...


Mabel and Roxy

Evening Rainbow

My Girls and some enticing terrain...