Friday, May 31, 2013

Objects in Motion

Suppose we stopped moving. I mean really stopped. What would happen?


Increasing velocity -> slower time

Decreasing velocity -> faster time

Yes? No?

Zero Velocity?

Increasing rate of time. Right?

E=mass * V^2 , V = 0 -> E = 0

Right? isn't the mass of a particle constant?

-> V = 0, E = 0 -> T = ∞ ?

How can V be Zero? We will always move relative to something right?

Well I suppose.

Enough. For now.

What is the point of all this physics stuff anyway.

May Fish

Many fish were caught this month. It was great to see Andy and Willy on the Madison. Best of luck boys! 

I had an amazing trip on the Smith with Adrienne, Luke, Betsy, Bronwin, Junior, Steph, Marshall, Pat, Kelly and new friends Chad and Jenna. Congratulations to Chad and Jenna and Steph and Marshal!

Adrienne is now hooked on streamer fishing. I'm sure there will be pictures posted soon to document her new found enthusiasm (obsession?).

Upper Madi
Um Dad? You know it's rainy and cold, right?
Healthy Bow ate my Midnight Bugger. Who would have thought?

On to the Smith!

Folks say the fishing is never good in high water...
"Never good..."