Thursday, May 7, 2015

Intro to Spring

I can't wait for my wife to finish PA school for the summer. It seems like forever since  our last weekend adventure. Just one more week! Pretty sure she'll want to get on the river or maybe head down to city of rocks for the weekend.

Spring has been wonderful however. I've enjoyed landscaping, building a fence for Adrienne's massive garden, a day on Shoshone, and skiing at the Bitterroot and Mission high points. Matt, Andrew and I skied the south and west aspects of McDonald. We climbed and traversed an aesthetic east ridge in time to catch the west aspect of Sheepshead in great corn, descending west from the summit and later traversing north into a prominent chute which had snow almost to the lake. The west aspect of Sheepshead is a true classic that requires respect and totals around four thousand vertical in the descent to the lake.

I forgot my camera in the missions but here is a terrific perspective of the west aspect of McDonald from M. Pagel.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


I'm gonna just throw this out there. This winter was good. Not epic, maybe not even above average, especially in terms of snowfall, but you know, I just like being in the mountains.