Monday, February 18, 2013


Among other things, skiing to me is play.

Everything is made fun, as a little one, by the use of imagination. I used to look out the bus window on the way to school. I would imagine myself, running alongside, dodging and leaping cars, benches, etc.

That kind of imagination, though a grand part of a young persons life, has less impact as we age. Mostly lost as unexpressed thought or hidden away in the depths of memory.

Now, much of life forces significance. Money forces significance. Almost impossible, if not illegal, to exist without money ( or even without enough money) and thus... budget, work, these are necessarily significant.

Necessarily significant: Money, budget, work.

Voluntarily significant: Skis, climbing gear, worry, ...

Intrinsically significant: sunshine, birdsong, rocks, waves, friends, rest, play...

Where does Imagination fall? (feel free to comment)

Here! (among others)...

Thanks Luke, for the images. And Luke, Betsy and Adri for being significant (read: Awesome!)

Monday, February 11, 2013


It would be something, to record with words, images, or other media, any substantial portion of the best thoughts, experiences and conversations of a persons life.

It seems difficult, as yet,  to translate powerful thoughts, experiences and emotions to words of equal importance. Even harder yet, to words which are important, impactful and entertaining. A task best left to the more adept I suppose.

With persistence and awareness...