September 2013

Though a bit scary, I've decided to create this page to let everyone know what I am really about.  Of course its easy to write words about who I think I am, or who I would like to be, and in actuality my actions and interactions really define me. Not my words or pictures on a page.

Of course a common and fair interpretation of social media including blogs like this, is that the author really gets to paint the picture, and a good guess would be that the painter paints an enhanced picture, or an advantageous angle. Definitely true with this blog also. Though consideration of the subject would reveal that a blog is a blog and is in fact not me.

That said, my intent with this blog is more of a journal rather than an advertisement. As such I'll try to be true to myself and the representation of who I am. To that end, I suppose pictures of what I choose to do may be more fair than words I write. But I'll consider the memories archived here in this blog and future choices and actions with contemplation of the concepts that I will attempt to represent fairly with words below.


My Goal in Life is Threefold. 

1) Live with appreciation for the capabilities of my human vehicle. 

2) Live with appreciation for the aesthetics of natural mediums which I can affect or contemplate.

3) To represent  these appreciations through my life - by mastering difficult  and aesthetic physical activities and by use of mind, memories, reason and choice in order to interact aesthetically with my surroundings and circumstances, importantly including my family, job, the earth and most of all my love – Adrienne.


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