Friday, September 20, 2013

Jamie and Jeremy's wedding Celebration

Wednesday 9/11/13

Had a blast hanging out with Rob. Eating lunch at Maynard's in Excelcior brought back memories. We traded stories and reminisced. We enjoyed beautiful weather on the shore of lake minnetonka, then headed to the U of M Landscape Arboretum to take in the aesthetics of nature as art. Thanks Rob for a great day.


I played golf with Dad. What a game (golf). I have had a funny relationship with this sport. From obsession to disdain (though rare), it seems I am a golfer for life. Though I don't play often enough to improve significantly, I seem to learn something significant every time I play. 


Family golf event. Played with G-Pa, Uncle Scott, Scottie Mac and Dad. What a time! Uncle Scott out played us all and held up the teams against Dad and Grandpa. 



Jamie - Beautiful! You are inspiration. 

Jeremy - I had a blast as a groomsman. Thanks. Great Party. 

You two know how much I appreciate you so enough said there.

It was especially good to see old friends including but not limited to Hilary, Ben, Liz, Ayla... 

And one of the highlights of the trip was getting to know my little cousins. I just can't wait to see you all grow up. All signs show you three growing up as awesome, genuine and fun persons. 

I'll have to leave a lot out here for the sake of time, but I'd like to add as thoughts come up.


More time with the Stoneburghs. Vikings lost in a heart-breaker to the Bears. Adri and I returned tuxes. Good work Guys, all items accounted for. Adri and I packed for two nights and two days of Climbing on the North Shore of Lake Superior. We are a pretty good team when it comes to trips. With some good food from my parents freezer and a quick stop at Cub foods we were set up again for another adventure.

After driving 4 hours north of the city I said to Adri "these GPS' work pretty well, though I don't trust them yet. I think I'd rather have a map." Within a minute or so the GPS in the rental vehicle led us off the map, showing that we were off route, off road, and offering no assistance to our destination. Odd considering we were on a major road. Anyhow, we back tracked to the nearest gas station and asked for directions.

Upon arrival at camp , Robbie and Erin had set up camp at Tettaguche State Park. They had a fire rolling and had already seen a wolf. I prepared two whole Pheasants and some complimentary legs and breasts with savory spices and onion and butter over the grill. The birds cooked perfectly and would provide us with tasty protein and fat for the next two days.

What a day! What a week! What a celebration!

Post on Monday and Tuesday climbing forthcoming...

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Congratulations Marshal and Stephanie!

What a Party!

Thursday Night 9/6/13

The Top Hat was great. Boogiein' down with Adri until she tapped out. Props to Kendra and Marshal who kept groovin  well past the other party goer's limit. The band was awesome and I hope to find out their name.

(Update: Band was Cash for Junkers)


Rafting Alberton Gorge with 5  boats of Steph and Marshal enthusiasts. The stoke was high and fun factor higher.

I fished off the back of the raft with out much luck. Caught a number of squakers and a couple of  trout. Adri caught what could be described as a Squaker/Trout Hybrid. Hmmm. Implications not good.

Fished Trout Creek in the evening with good action on the purple haze and a few on a small stimi.


Steph and Marshal's wedding  was awesome. These two have become such good friends of mine and I am just so happy for them. Their vows were great and ceremony was great. It was fun to see and meet some Adrienne's aunts, uncles cousins etc.


Recovery and Fishing at rock creek. Fish were eating green cadis nymphs. I caught Whitefish, Rainbows, Browns, Cutbows and a Bull Trout all in a two hour period!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wednesday 9/4/13

More adventure... rope solo - 5.5

"Dry Wall" aka "So Dang Hollow"

Description to come...

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fence Post Pounding Etc

Friday evening was a whirlwind of post purchasing. I left work a little early so that I could get over to Pbuilt. I put an estimated 2300 pounds on my little 5X8 trailer which has a 2000 lb axle. I was betting on 1.5 safety factor.

Saturday - Robin, Roger and Dave came over to help pound fence posts. We were happy to have the help. Just as we were getting tired, Nate, Kendra, Cambell and Ari arrived to reinforce our efforts. Thanks everyone for your help and your company!

Sunday - Nate, Dave and I teamed up to drive four of the remaining seven posts then continued by digging the last three by hand. The ground was considerably rocky. We were happy to have the convenience of technology for the previous 51 posts. I was happy to have friends around to help. Later, Adrienne and I were able to convince Steph to come climbing at Kootenai where she impressed us in her efforts to climb  higher than she ever has. Considering her success I hope she joins us again.

Monday - Adrienne and I met up with Pat at the Mercantile on our way up to fish Rock Creek. It was nice to chat with the folks there. The Merc really is a unique and valuable representation of the good ol' times. 

In the morning, Adrienne caught a couple on the surface before heading out to take care of "missoula chores". Pat laced a bunch on the surface in the morning as well. I had an excellent morning stripping shiny streamers. I landed two nice trout in the morning and had nearly 10 takes and or bumps by about noon. 

Mid-day was slow and Pat and I enjoyed the nice moderate temps chatting about plans for the fall and sharing stories. 

The afternoon / evening session picked up a bit. Pat missed a BIG roll on his purple hopper where a spring  was lazily rolling into the river and he caught some others up top. I dropped a red copper john below my hopper and caught a couple white-dogs and a rainbow before switching to a personal favorite the Evil Weavil. I hadn't fished the E.W. in a long time but seemed to remember it being effective in the late summer. Sure enough... I landed a couple small rainbows, and a few nicer browns. When the sun hinted of evening, I switch to a black Delectable and had some action. A few follows and bumps... and WHAM! Somebody  was pissed and pulling out line against a pretty stiff drag. What fought like a 23 inch brown turned out to be a 16 inch Bully that had my delectable in its dorsal fin. It is always fun to catch a Bull trout and this fish didn't disappoint.

Neither did the weekend.  I am happy to return to work. Only 3 days till my next adventure!